About Us

We are a flight training school that focus on the career needs of graduates and young professionals.

Sky Aerial Services was founded in October 2017.

Founder, Captain Johan Griesel flew mainly Cessna Caravans across Africa, Middle East, India and the USA over 18 years.  I am proud to see many fellow and junior students that flew with me, commanding airliners today. 
I chose to remain in in general aviation, to transfer what I have learned to you.

“Special mention to many good friends and life coaches for enabling me to provide superlative flight training.”

– Captain Johan Griesel

Flight training is personal and most of your career you will share a small office referred to as the flight deck with Captains, First, Second officers and Training Captains.

Each applicant will be introduced to aviation by signing up to a career program introduction

What does the school offer to the aspiring pilot?

Full motion flight simulators with Garmin G1000, RNAV approved

Personalized training program with measurable outcome systems

Remote flight operations and exposure with weekly currency training 

International flight operations

Cessna Caravan type and advance training

Bush flying training

Geophysical flight training

Off shore flight training

Mountain flight training

Ratings include:
Night, instrument, instructors.

Career path preparation and guidance. 
These include, charter, contract, geophysics, survey, medical, fire fighting, aerial application, remote flight operations, hostile environment flying, tourism flying and airline domestic and international air carriers.

High School students can train in a group program. 
This program produce excellent results in performance and laying the foundation for career multi crew operations. 
Exciting weekend and Holiday adventures. Go pro kingdom 
Transport crew bus to pick them up and drop them off as they don’t have drivers license.

The Qualification:

Must be 18 years or older
Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate

Hold a valid general certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony
Hold a valid Private Pilot License
Hold a Night Rating
Show proof of English Language ProficiencyA minimum of 200 hours total flight time the, 200 hours must include:
≥ 100 hours PIlot in command flight time 
≥ 5 hours PIlot in command flying by night  
≥ 50 hours of cross country flying as Pilot in command  
≥ 40 hours dual instrument time (20 hours may be done in an approved Flight Simulator ) 
≥ 5 hours dual flight time in an aircraft with adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage and variable pitch propeller or turbojet engine

Exams that you must pass:
Flight Planning & Performance
Instruments & Electronics
Human performance
Air Law & Operational Procedures
Radio aids & Communication
Aviation Meteorology

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