Pilot for a day at Sky Flight Training

A professional and educational flying experience for all ages.

Sky Flight Training offers this activity to all ages and genders to promote flying:

  1. Experience your first flight
  2. Introduction to aviation
  3. Nervous flyers, take control of an aircraft in a safe environment
  4. Persons with disabilities to fly an aircraft
  5. Fun activity
  6. First flight lesson to spread your wings
  7. Spouses or friends that would like to learn more about flying safely

The flight is conducted by a qualified flight instructor.

The Sky flight simulator is capable to replicate full flight motion in roll, pitch and yaw.

It is totally safe to fly by all.

Your flight program:

Duration 1:30

  • On arrival at your selected slot time you will be welcomed by your flight instructor.
  • Proceed to flight briefing, what makes an aeroplane fly, flight simulator controls and instruments.
  • Sign in on the flight folio as training pilot.
  • Revise safety briefing and flight mission.
  • Start-up of aircraft, take off, introduction to flight controls and landing.
  • Post flight items.
  • De brief and sign off.
  • Logbook entry and signature with certificate and name on wall of fame.

What makes this flight special:

For every flight hour flown Sky contributes R100 to INNOVATION for the Blind society in Worcester.

Cost is R1250.00 per flying experience.

To take home:

  1. Plot’s logbook entry
  2. Certificate of achievement
  3. Feeling of walking on clouds
  4. Wings

This experience is aimed at improving Aviation and flying as an activity for all.

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